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Sammamish Chamber of Commerce
Julie Honn

Julie Honn

Executive Director

Meet Julie Honn, our dedicated Executive Director who joined our team in May 2023. Julie brings over 15 years of experience as a business owner and a decade in Marketing, Printing, and Administrative roles within the corporate world. Her journey has finally led her to us, where she thrives in representing our chamber and supporting our local businesses in networking, growth, and prosperity.

Julie’s unique superpowers lie in her exceptional service-oriented approach, her talent for connecting people, and her unwavering commitment to making a difference in our community. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, she holds a special place in her heart for our region, but her familial ties to the Hawaiian Islands make Hawaii her second home, blending the best of two worlds.

Beyond her role at the chamber, Julie passionately dedicates her free time to philanthropic causes. She serves on the board of Eastside Friends of Seniors, where her marketing and outreach skills contribute significantly to the organization’s mission. Additionally, she volunteers with Catholic Community Services, acting as a companion to two elderly women and brightening their lives with companionship and care.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, staying active, dancing, going to concerts and cherishing quality moments with loved ones. Julie is not just our Director; she’s a passionate advocate and community builder.

Deborah Sogge

Deb Sogge

Former Sammamish Chamber of Commerce CEO

We dedicate this website to Deb Sogge, who joined our Sammamish Chamber of Commerce (SCC) in 2008 as a membership representative and then became our first CEO until February of 2022 when she took a medical leave. She is the reason we exist.

She led us from a small group to an organization of nearly 300 members through challenging economic times and divisive political periods. During threats to the viability of the chamber, she was steadfast in her belief of SCC’s value to Sammamish and neighboring cities’ business communities.

No matter the issue, she has always moved forward, remained kind, non-judgmental, and resolute, never attacking anyone who disagreed with the chamber’s position.

She has acted with integrity, staying true to our core purpose of “connecting business with consumers.” With grace and understanding, she has encouraged all members to stay true to our purpose.