Sammamish, Washington, offers diverse and top-rated schools, including public schools within both the Lake Washington and Issaquah School Districts, as well as excellent private school options. From elementary to high school, students here enjoy a range of educational opportunities focused on both academics and overall development, making Sammamish an ideal choice for families seeking quality education in a family-friendly community.

Lake Washington School District

The Lake Washington School District serves the north end of Sammamish and is known for its high academic standards, diverse student body, and strong community involvement, offering a broad range of educational programs.

Issaquah School District

The south side of Sammamish is serviced by the Issaquah School District, which is recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive, inclusive environment for its diverse student population.

Central Washington University

The Central Washington University satellite campus in Sammamish offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs focusing on business, education, and interdisciplinary studies, emphasizing practical, real-world learning experiences. Central Washington University also offers a Running Start program, which allows high school students to take college courses for dual credit, accelerating their academic progress and providing early exposure to higher education.

Private Schools

Sammamish, Washington, offers a range of private school options catering to diverse educational needs. These include Montessori schools for early childhood learning, faith-based institutions for those seeking religious education, college-preparatory academies focusing on rigorous academic curricula, and schools with specialized programs in arts, sciences, and technology. Each school emphasizes a unique educational philosophy and approach, providing tailored learning experiences.